Sounds of my day. 

Click of the seatbelt,Ignition, hand brake, brake, reverse, straight, go.


Ease in the spot, brake, hand brake, turn off ignition,withdraw the key, click of the seatbelt, the slither of the belt through metal, the scrape of leather on leather, shut goes the door. Heels on concrete, clip clop of a horse, blank stares at empty space where the claustrophobic transportation cube will arrive, shortly.

Screech and screams of the elevator, more horse norse, click goes the switch, sigh goes the spine, as the wheels of the chair roll in delight, as my head, dripping wet, sticks to my neck, an unwanted tattoo and the screen, blue and blaring glares back at me.

Thousands of small cells, a military tension wire on the screen. Millions of wires, waiting to be loved, who moan at the slightest touch of a key, turn yellow, red and green, however I want them to be.

Faded beige clock ticks it’s ridiculously long life away to 12, to 1 and to 1:30. Fingers tear; deceptively delicately at bread, dip it in salty stews and stain the lips red and yellow. Turmeric, mother is your third love. I know. 
Three hours go and coffee beans in my system I sow. 

5:55 P.M. Little world I scatter around, I gather and zip up. Step. Step. Step. Out in the evening air. Watered down indigo sky. Winter will be here soon. 

Ignition, hand brake, seatbelt clicks, brake, reverse, straight, wave, go


Cut the call, ignition off, withdraw the key, click and slither of the belt, shut goes the door and I look at another empty space, where the airy elevator arrives, carrying with it wafts of Chicken curry from the fourth floor and dried fish from the second. 

Door opens and shuts. 


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