A day spent drinking. 

Fever coursed through me, as bottles upon bottles of bisleri were extinguished. In my defence, they were half litre cute bottles that I just felt good drinking from, so my thirst isn’t all to blame. Yesterday was a busy day.

A long walk, an economic shopping spree in an expensive mall, another long walk, sensible soaking in of vitamin D, feeling like a summer goddess. That’s a lot of checkboxes for one Saturday. The day ended well into Sunday, white noise bid me good morning as my eyelids closed shut, at the word ” shining line” .

I wake up early, to my extreme annoyance. I wanted a lazy day not a cranky one. The biggest event of the day was a Punjabi thali that started with a spiced guava Juice and ended with me pushing the plate away,defeated. Few things look as ugly as a half eaten plate.

In the natural progression of things, as a sad day should be, I stick to the rules of lethargy and nap. I love the concept of taking some sunlight away from your life, willingly closing your eyes to light, to sounds, to activity. It’s the delightful bravery of choosing the comfort of night in midday. That gall. The nap.

It felt like soaking in pink cotton candy, but I am sure soaking in pink cotton candy would actually drive me insane from rage. The imagery of it, is pretty and that’s how it felt. Like letting your head fall on someone’s shoulder on a long journey in an uncomfortable car. It felt good.

But I woke up a bloodthirsty monster that wanted more bisleri water. What’s there to do? The lift took me down “stairs” and I attempted a civil dinner. Bisleri. Please. Not dal, not papad, Bis Leri.

All of this nonsensical headache was accentuated by calls from chennai that I greedily lapped up at. Second best thing after bisleri. The TV  was constantly running the entire day, the air conditioning wasn’t working, the Windows didn’t open and the view was breathtakingly good, the clouds were heavy with promise and my legs were heavy as lead. Today was prison.

Now, the table fan runs like a distant river and the TV let’s out screams of anguish as I make a to do list for the night. A night of instant coffee and music and bisleri.


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