Missings – listed 

The airconditioning in the room was unreal. I was tucked inside a pristine white comforter and was eyeing all metal, cold surfaces with suspicion. I missed warmth. This place was busy, cold and not my home. 

In that downer spirit, I wondered what exactly I missed.

Here’s a list.

I miss waking up before the sun rises, walking in a peacock infested park with  the lady with a fierce red bindi on her forehead.

I miss my office’s insanely bad coffee machine and the resultant steam burns.

I miss being able to wake a lovely person up in chennai, every morning. 

I miss being asked if I wanted to go get momos by a beautiful girl whom I miss but can’t find the incentive to call

I miss my TV. A lot.

I miss my bug of a car which can and will win the messiest car of the year award, should it somehow make its way to the venue without incident 

I miss my mother.

I miss baking experimental cakes that people around me are nice enough to humour with a tasting.

What’s bothering me is, I miss all of them equally. Though, a cursory glance will tell you, mother is probably more important than momos. That’s how I miss Hyderabad. That’s how I miss home. 


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