Immersion Therapy : 10,000 steps.

I walked 10,000 steps yesterday. My health app vouches for it.  I am calling walking at nights in cold, busy cities, ” Immersion therapy”.  The night is deliciously cold here and the wind whips. Braving it or going along with it, I walk, making conversation with Keerthana. Keerthana likes to walk, she also can talk and walk at the same time. I like that.

The talk is frivolous but the experience is definitely immersive. Immersion therapy feels good. With each minute into it, your heart rate is in harmony with the pulse of the city, your eyes adjust to the night, your sense of smell is brilliant. You’ll lock eyes with dogs and babies alike and it will all become a postcard that will be irrelevant the next day. But the little jolt of memory at the mention of the place, sounds or sights is what I am here for. This is my souvenir.

We enter brilliantly lit malls. We scout for monsoon sales, we check tags before we check sizes. We buy nothing but hand and nail creams, scented with magnolia.

We are out on the street again, immersion resumes. The walk continues, until we spot a row of lantern lit autos fashioned into stalls. The dosa there, has a reputation.  We have three different kinds of fast food. Permutations and combinations of fat and carbs. We burp, we pay with a smile to the fastest bandiwala I ever saw. Kiran, apparently has been running the bandi since 10 years. 10 years of waking up, getting supplies and waiting for the day to get dimmer. Ten years of skill. We pay kiran, leaving him in peace with his tea.

Our walk resumes. We scan the surroundings. There is more to be done. Reluctantly we take our tickets for the metro. Beloved , beloved metro. We get off, relieved, the little pink train dissapeared the next second.The exhaustion was kicking in. The high was taking a backseat. But, not so soon. We had more walking to do and this wasnt necessarily a choice. We had to get to the hotel.We trekked for another two kilometers and breathlessly arrived at our narrow and pretty hotel. The wifi wasnt working, the pepsi was sold out and there was a power cut.

End of the day, coulnt have been more literal.



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