The need.

There is a need

There flows a river of sound, a river of death and greed

There are flowers, black and rotting, blooming like its spring

On the banks of these rivers, scattering disease like romance in the air

And I breathe, I stop and I stare

The murky waters flowing menacingly silent, beneath my feet

And I’ve never felt more enchanted

Than when I swam those rivers, like a sword unsheathed

It felt like I was the sin and I was melting into beauty

Like the naked thighs of youth spoilt, spread apart for pleasure, not duty

Time passed and before I knew

I was a washed up, washed away, pining little thing

Up in the hills, in the little house painted blue.

There is still a need, there still flows that river of death and greed

I sometimes hear its roar, waking me up from dreamless sleep, calling me once more.



Everyday I am dancing.

I dance like there’s no home to go to

Like all doors are locked and I threw the keys into the ocean

Like all books are burnt and there is no recollection

Of a time before I danced, a time before this one.

I dance like there’s no one to see me

Like all the photographs are buried, well beneath me

Like it’s a moonless night, so find me

All you people who won’t ever see me dance, believe me!

I dance like  it hardly makes sense anymore

Like I’ve done this all, a hundred times before

Like I’m only doing this, cause I can’t take anymore

Of your constancy in my life, your presence and its indefinite store

So, I dance.


Walking postcards.

Long eyelashes, cast a shadow below your eyes

On nights, brought to life  by candle lights.

Each time you blink, or your lips curl into a smile

I swallow in dread.

You move too much, pretty girl. You die.

You’re like a sad lullaby,

That a dead mother sings to a dead child

Through the buzzing of flies in her rotting throat

To the ears of the babe, somewhere swollen and afloat

Still songs will drape that lullaby in layers of gold

And that’s how, pretty girl, I see you.

A corpse’s lullaby, wrapped in the hollow that’s you

You move too much, I lose my mind

One slip and you go spiraling down into the depths

Of memories sweet, sweeter and repressed

I want you to stay, bleed and be blessed

Oh girls like you, are walking pictures of dead

You move too much, you are breaking my heart

I can see you smiling from frames and postcards

Queen of tragedy, almost too accepting of it.

Don’t move so much, I can already see you dead.















Why I’d rather hear a No

How easy it is to pluck out

Words from meaning, like flowers off a creeper

In clear ringing tones, I can hear

To the half heartedness, almost a stubborn reluctance

In voices simmering over low flames, barely a bubble on the surface. The cowardice!

Even in voices as sweet as slumber, this avarice

Burns a hole through my heart and leaves it festering forever

Its maddening, the noise ,when you say something you don’t mean

It’s like I am looking at a wall, trying to see my reflection.

You are not a stranger, no one is, We all have seen

People coming into this world, dying and in the midst of this,

Losing direction.

Why can’t you hear your own heart being put to shame to speak

Words that are lighter than the air you breathe.








Its Pouring, I’m waiting.

In rain, we meet

In rain, let me revel

In rain, the hush, let me listen

To your heart pounding against your chest


When the sky is tearing itself to pieces

Madly pining and shrieking with lust

In rain, let me smile

Through rain, look at me

While it rains, I will see

Your toes curling with mad ecstasy


When the night is already upon us

When the stars are all behind dark clouds, shut up

This rain, can drench us

This rain, will drown your voice

This rain, will not stop.

This rain, will keep a secret.








Autumn Party.

Moods are set to dusty pinks

Autumn evening in full swing

Spices of faraway lands, like dreams


Silks that dare to be fancied, by bodies unclean

Harps sing like birds in the spring

Hail the queen and the king

For this drop and this game 

For the crop and my dame

Crop burnt to ground, dame doomed for shame 

Hail the Queen and the king, again! 

Drunk with love, she looks at me

Eyes hollowed out to just barely see

Her arms just skin covering bones, so tiny

Yes, I love you too. You know me.

Hail the Queen and the king, one two three! 

This Autumn party will turn to night

With the palace gates closing, so shall the light

This game will get cold, the drop no more in sight

Someday, Someone will set things right.