I smile at my memory’s gentle tease

Of pulling the taut string of a decade of summer

Sweating and happy, deep in debt, at ease

My poverty, my effective Armour


And one day, the Armour betrayed me

For once, it rebelled and choked me

What was once my strength, now my misery

And the debt, well, that is the start of the story


The story that sent me packing to this land

This land of sun, silks and sand

Loose rubies and sapphires running black

To let the world flow at their feet, they do not lack.


A decade ago, it pained me to watch

Silken silhouettes through glasses, that I was paid to wash

A decade ago, there was a debt to pay

And now, I want to scatter astray


To wander into forests deep and dark

To get lost in lands that are cut apart

To somehow make my way back to the start

So I could once again, be shackled in debt and be free of heart.







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