Mist in the city.

Cities dissolve like salt in the sea

Wherever the memory treads, lightly

Shutting out, dimming lights, scraping bowls, ever so slightly

Not betraying their foggy breath to me


I hear tower bolts fastening stealthily

I hear the faint shush of a mother

I hear the muffled moan of two lovers

And I glide past, silently , angrily


Every turn the memory chances

Is a step further into the night

Of my home, I am losing sight

Memory’s dreary romances


This place is no more for us, lets go home, I say

The memory lingers, It begs to go astray

They don’t want us here, they hate us, I say

The memory thunders, “Its your home, you will stay”.


I walk the streets each night in the cold

I watch the curious eyes from under the doors

I hear the whispers, letters crawling on all fours

Now under my skin, now in my bones.






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