Dead man’s Pyre


I know not darkness to be a vice


Slithering up the leg, is a serpentine desire

To whisper in rosy tones, the sweetest lies

To kindle, a dead man’s pyre



In consciousness you won’t burn me to the ground

Drugged, you won’t make a sound

Few verses excellent, few sonnets terrible

I’ll sing it all, braver than ever, I’ll make it believable


I clear my throat, and begin my attempt

A feeble one, to breed in you loath and contempt

You like my song, I can see that

You”ll like me more when I am gone, can’t you see that?


You’re almost there, your blood is roaring murder

Please don’t think, don’t step back, do not surrender

That’s right, love.  Ah the sight of the orange flames! 

The death dance of flickering fire, a dance of fiery dames


There is no honor greater, set alight the pyre

It has been a long wait, I dread no fire

A dead man’s pyre, has no use for grief

I’m already gone, root , stem and leaf.


The flames are already licking up my corpse, the urgency

Hungry as they are, they were left to starve, to fulfill your fancy

Well, no more.








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