Rocks and milestones and minutes.

What is a milestone to me,

But a rock tossed carelessly into the early stream of life

That stops it for a precious minute

And lets me touch, really touch it.

Ooh, I didn’t know it could tingle you like that,  did you ?

I peel layers of celebratory brocade and silk

And I dive

Should it really pour life into me, I am too alive already.

I don’t know,  I dive

And you, you just watch me from the surface

Do I look pretty ?

I dive deeper and look, rock bottom

Sweetheart, It’s comfortable here, join me

And you take my hand and join me there

Alright, our minute is almost up

I love you! I know, you say. Ah this is good.

We swim back to the surface and I don my brocade and silk

The stream of life finally pushes the rock aside

And the minute passes by.

Our precious minute.