Maiden no more, now I am the lore.

“I wear love”, she said

“Love?”, I ask.

“Love”, she nods

“Show me”, I say.

“Tear lovingly out of the warmest evening sky”

“Six yards of its expanse, six more if you like” She says, sounding like mist, if mist ever sang

“And then?”, I ask, stupefied.

“And then, let it engulf you, waist down, let it fall to your feet. What do you see now?” , She asks.

“I see my arms and breasts, so bare, so stark” I say, timidly,trembling.

“Do you know how the sea splashes against a rock, pleadingly?”

“Let it just as stealthily, reach your shoulder, shrouding your breasts in a temporary death.”

“What do you see now?” she asks

” I see, my navel bared to the whims of winds, slight and rogue alike”, I say.

“Brilliant. What else do you see?” she asks, she sounded like thunder, if thunder ever sang a lullaby.

“I see a stream of light, stretching forever behind, trailing, cascading behind me”, I say.

Just then she holds a mirror to my face, a mirror clearer than the clearest day.

A quiver runs through my veins, strengthening the spark in my eyes

A dull resolve took shape in my heart

And I saw love, when I saw eyes

Which knew how to love

The deadliest lies.




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