Walk to the home

Veiled I walk, the streets that lead

To my home, I go, The home I need

The home where everyone already left

I am alone, I am bereft

Still, for my youngest, I must go

He is so young, so alone!

Hurry!!! I spare a stray thought to my eldest

He is braving the cold, the desert dearest!

He is walking lands where he could be shot.

And I walked here, head held high, as high as they let a woman hold

For my son there, miles away, is a hero

I used to get letters, I don’t anymore

They say, they talk, they mock, they kill me inside

With all the stories about him

He isn’t killed, he can’t kill, he won’t die

Not without saying goodbye.

Hurry! My little one is now eating the ashes from the stove

Good heavens! You are just like your brother!



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